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The Australian Big Bash League or BBL, and formerly known as KFC Tweenty20 Big Bash League, is an international cricket league supported by the websites found in our list of cricket betting sites. Foreign leagues can be a bit intimidating when you first start betting online, thankfully you can leave your worries behind as the sites we endorse have a long history of honoring the bets placed. At we only want to give you the best sites for cricket in the market.

Let us recap a few pieces of details about this league so you can make informed decisions and bet on BBL with some background information backing up your bets. That way you can win some cash for the holidays.

The Big Bash League was founded back in 2011 and with only nine seasons so far it has proven to be a massive success, the Australians do know how to recognize a good sport don’t they? Proof of this is that close to two million viewers together as one joined to watch the finals, that is a lot of people sharing their passion for this great sport.

Meet the teams that play in the Big Bash League: Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, and Sydney Thunder.

Adelaide Strikers has been coached by Jason Gillespie a former first-class cricket player, and no doubt that all that experience will help them secure a new victory in the coming seasons. The cricket team was created in 2011 to play in the Big Bash League. They currently reside in the city of Adelaide; their stadium Adelaide Oval can hold 53,583 fans. If you wish to go to one of their games remember to wear blue! The cricket squad won one BBL championship in the 2017-2018 season. They are a great team to bet on and watch. They might win the next BBL tournament with their great line up.

The Brisbane Heat cricket team play at their stadium Brisbane Cricket Ground, the stadium can hold 42,000 fans, and it is just beautiful. This team has counted with the coaching of Darren Lehmann a legend in the Australian cricket that has also coached the Australian National Team, so you can expect them to provide you with great and entertaining matches. This fantastic cricket team won one BBL championship in the 2012-2013 season and most likely will bring us a great game in the upcoming seasons.

Hobart Hurricanes are just like a wild wind in the games, they have yet to win a Big Bash League championship, but they have been runner ups twice. When playing, they use the colors purple, so you cannot miss them at the Bellerive Oval University of Tasmania Stadium, which can hold 19,000 fans. This team has counted with top and elite coachers like Adam Griffith who was a first-class cricket player and coached the Tasmanian team back in the day. If you are ever in Bellerive, check out one of the Hobart Hurricanes games, and make sure to place a bet!

The Melbourne Renegades were founded in 2011 and currently have two stadiums. The Marvel Stadium you can find in Melbourne, which can host up to 56,347 fans, and the GMHBA Stadium, which can hold 34,000 fans. The Melbourne Renegades won one Big Bash League championship very recently, in the 2018-2019 season. Their mascot is called "Sledge" and it comes from the future, it was chosen by the fans on 2011 thanks to a voting poll via the team's official Facebook page

Melbourne Stars also founded in 2011 are a three-time runner up in the BBL without any BBL championships under their belts, at least not yet. You can watch the Melbourne Stars play at Melbourne Cricket Ground, which can hold 100,024 fans, and it is also the biggest cricket stadium in the world. A small fun fact about this team is that they adopted a new mascot called "Steven Seagull", this after a poor seagull was accidentally hit by a cricket ball during a match versus the Perth Scorchers, and don't worry as the bird thankfully flew away without issues after resting for a few minutes.

Perth Scorchers was founded in 2011, and they have three BBL championships. You can find them playing at the Perth Stadium which can hold 60,000 fans. The team is the most successful in the BBL history having won 3 championships and 2 runners-up, plus 3 appearances in the Championships League Twenty20. With such a record is no surprise that this is one of the favorite teams and one that represents a considerable challenge for the rest of the participants.

The home stadium of the Sydney Thunder is Sydney Showground Stadium also known as the Giants Stadium, which can hold 21,500 fans. They were founded in 2011 and have won one BBL championship since then. This team replaces the now-retired New South West Blues which participated in the old KFC league, the Sydney thunder is a relatively new team as it made its debut in 2011 and didn't have a very successful start as they were placed last for the first 3 seasons. However, they managed to iron some of their weaknesses and placed second in their 4th season and managed to climb all the way to the top and win the cup in the 2016 BBL05, this team is not to be taken lightly as history proves.

The Sydney Sixers were also founded in 2011 and created to replace the New South West Blues along with the Sydney Thunder. This team had a more successful debut than their brother Sydney team, they won their first cup on the same year of their debut during the BBL01 and finished second on the following season and in more recent times won the BBL09. Given their success during the BBL01 this team was also invited to compete at the Champions League Twenty20 tournament and came out victorious with a T20 cup in their hands.

The current champions are the Sydney Sixers and they hold three championships under their belts, they are closely followed by the Perth Scorchers who also have three past titles on their names. Then we have the Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, and Melbourne Renegades with one title each.

In Australia Cricket is as popular as football - or soccer for our readers in the U.S.A. Australia has won the T20 world cup five times, making them one of the strongest teams in the cup with that many titles under its belt. And an instant favorite and potential betting option for anyone who is interested in betting on favor of one of the best cricket teams the world has ever produced.

With such credentials it is no surprise that the matches in the BBL are of the highest caliber, the experience usually triumphs over youth, and multiple veterans have turned into coaches or trainers of a new generation of players exponentially increasing the level of the League.

It’s also worth noting that the Women’s Big Bash League, or WBBL, is on par with the skill and technical level of the BBL as you would come to expect from the Australians and their passion for cricket. This League is a bit younger than the BBL as it was founded in 2014 and had its first match in 2015.

Australia, just like the rest of the world, has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this has caused delays and changes in the BBL tournament to keep the players and spectators safe and to try and flatten the infection curve as much as possible.

Due to this, the BBL matches will resume in December 2020, the BBL season covers 2020-2021 this time. It’s unfortunate that the League was delayed but everyone's safety is of utmost importance, and no match or game is above the health of anyone, it might have been inconvenient but it was necessary. The Cricket Australia or CA, as the controlling body of Cricket in Australia, has dictated various measures to contain and limit the infection rate while at the same time trying to balance the attendance and enjoyment of the sport.

So we just need to be a bit more patient and before we know it we all will be enjoying some high octane cricket courtesy of the Australian league, all this while you bet and win some money thanks to your favorite sport and wickets are set on fire from all the action and nonstop scores. Coronavirus won't stop cricket, so stay strong and a BBL final with David Warner, Josh Philippe, Marcus Stoinis, Daniel Sams, and the Adelaide Oval or the Alistair Dobson roaring plus the fox cricket cameras rolling while the commenters bombard you with stats is what awaits at the end of these trying times.

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