The L.C.F.'s Objectives

"To secure the future of cricket in Luxembourg as an officially recognised sport and to represent the interests of the game with the official sports bodies in Luxembourg".

The L.C.F. is a member of the Comite Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeoise.

"To provide Luxembourg with a means of representation on and in relation to international cricket bodies".

The L.C.F. is a member of the European Cricket Council (Division 4) and an Affiliate Member of the International Cricket Council.

"To further the development of cricket in Luxembourg".

The L.C.F. has funded training and accreditation for coaches, umpires, and scorers, and has worked to provide new playing facilities for federation club cricketers.

[N.B. In addition the L.C.F. will attempt at all times to apply the anti-racism code of the I.C.C. in matches for which it is responsible]

Committee Members

  • Steve Evans (Chairman, Fixtures)
  • Pat Heath (Vice-chairwoman, Training, Women's Cricket)
  • Mark Smith (Secretary)
  • John Verrinder (Treasurer)
  • Roger Barker (Cricket Development)
  • Anand Pattabiraman (League Administration)
  • Robert Deed
  • Ben Lougheed (Ex-officio)