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Here at, we not only write about Luxembourg cricket but also about other international cricket leagues such as the Pakistan Super League. You can bet on this league using any of the betting sites that we recommend! But before you start your PSL betting journey, let’s add a bit of background and information for our new readers and cricket newcomers.

The Pakistan Super League is also known as the PSL and it is a relatively recent league, established not too long ago back in 2015, and recognized by the ICC. It only consists of six teams at the moment but given their success, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more teams added to the roster in the near future. The PSL is heavily influenced by the IPL or India Premier League, but that does not mean that you can expect a mere copy, oh no no, the PSL can shine with a light of its own.

The teams in this league are Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, and Multan Sultans.

Widely regarded as a raging success in Pakistan, the league value is reaching multi-million-dollar levels with increased international recognition, the league is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with in the cricket scene. Just keep on reading to learn more about this league and you will undertand why the PSL is gaining such praise.

The Peshawar Zalmi cricket team exists since 2015, and has been run by the fantastic coach Daren Julius Garvey Sammy, and the owner of the team is Muhammad Javed Afridi, who has sponsored the Pakistan Super League. Coach Daren not only is an honorary citizen, but he played cricket internationally for the West Indies winner two times of the T20 World Cup, the team could not have a better coach.

The Peshawar Zalmi cricket squad was founded in the city of Peshawar. Their stadium, was built in 1984, was formerly known as Shahi Bagh Stadium, but currently, it is called the Arbab Niaz Stadium, which has a capacity of 35,000 fans. The cricket squad played their first match in the season of 2016, they started strong and maintained it. They managed to qualify for the playoffs but were defeated by Islamabad United. In 2017 the Peshawar Zalmi team came back stronger than ever, and managed to win the PSL championship, since then they have been runner ups twice. This cricket team is great to watch on TV, do not miss out on the Pakistan Super League.

Lahore Qalandars was founded in 2015, in the city of Lahore. The owner of this PSL team is Fawad Rana who is a businessman from Pakistan. The coach of the team is Aaqib Javed, who was formerly a cricket player himself, and the youngest in cricket history to have done a hat trick in the ODI. The Lahore Qalandars cricket team could not have a better coach then Aaqib Javed, and his amazing tricks.

The Lahore Qalandars' first game was in 2016, they didn’t start strong and lost their first two games in the PSL tournament. They might have not reached the playoffs in 2016, but they surely were the best team and received two awards: the Spirit of the Game and the Fair Play award. Their stadium is called Gaddafi Stadium and has a capacity for 27,000 fans in the city of Lahore. Their home colors are green with grey. This team has not won any Pakistan Super League championships yet, but we will most likely see them winning very soon, so be prepared to make some great bets with the coming PSL championship.

Karachi Kings the team of the mighty lions was founded in February of 2015, owned by the fierce Salman Iqbal, who runs ARY Digital Network. The Karachi Kings have not yet won any Pakistan Super League championships, but as the lion is mighty in the safari, we mostly will see them winning one PSL Tournament very soon. They play for the city of Karachi, and their home stadium is the National Stadium, which can hold 34,228 fans.

The Karachi Kings cricket squad has managed to play in every playoff of the PSL, this team is not short from winning one championship very soon. Their first season playing was in 2016, and they won their first game against the Lahore Qalandars. You better don’t miss this cricket squad games as they are quite entertaining to watch.

The beautiful city of Islamabad does not only offer beautiful scenery, and food but is also the home for the T20 cricket team Islamabad United, which plays in the Pakistan Super League. Do not miss out on their fantastic games, and a great stadium, the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium which can hold 17,000 fans. This cricket team has won the most PSL tournaments, it currently holds two championships. The team is owned by Leonine Global Sports. Misbah-ul-Haq Khan Niazi is the coach for this T20 cricket team and not only that, but he is currently the head coach for the National Pakistan Team. This legend of a man became the youngest coach in the PSL league history. The Islamabad United first season was in 2016, and they won the championship. The cricket squad has been in most of the playoffs, and their second win was in the 2018 season. Do not miss out on the Islamabad United games, and start making your wagers for this great team.

Time to see some gladiators in action, do not miss out on the Quetta Gladiators cricket team, they play in the Pakistan Super League, and are just fun and exciting to watch. They are in the city of Quetta, and their home stadium is Gaddafi Stadium which can hold 27,000 fans. They have won one championship and are true gladiators when they play. The team colors are purple and yellow, you will not miss them on the field. The team was founded in December 2015. The cricket team was bought by Omar Associates, and it is currently the owner of this gladiator team. The coach is Muhammad Moin Khan, he played for the national Pakistani team and played in the West Indies, no better fighter, and trainer then Moin Khan. The cricket squad first season was in 2016, and they the runner ups in that season, in 2017 they managed to do it again. 2018 they played in the playoffs. Their season was in 2019 were the won against the Peshawar Zalm cricket squad and won their first PSL championship. Just look for a great site at and start your betting on the Pakistan Super League.

Multan Sultans is the youngest founded team in the Pakistan Super League. It was created in April of 2017 and is owned by Ali Khan Tareen and Alamgir Khan Tareen. They play for the city of Multan; their home stadium is Multan Cricket Stadium which can hold 35,147 fans. Their trainer is Andy Flower from Zimbabwe, is a former cricket player, he also a former trainer for England, and Zimbabwe cricket teams. The team first season was in 2018, they started strong beating the great PSL champions the Peshawar Zalmi cricket team, sadly the team only managed to get into the group stages, but they most likely will give us this season, exciting games, they could be the next PSL champions.

The team with most titles on their name is currently Islamabad United with two championships won, followed by Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi both with one title each. The teams consist of national cricketers and foreign players, all willing to give their all in the playoffs and see their respective teams climb the points table plus keep that live score active and pumping action and headlines on every cricket news site.

The Pakistan Super League has all kinds of cricket players and coaches from all over the world. The Pakistan T20 league has also attracted attention from the fans of the Indian Premier League, Caribbean Premier League, Ireland Inter-Provincial, as well as fans from multiple other countries like Jamaica, West Indies, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, and even the U.K. and Australia.

The Pakistan Cricket Board, or PCB, has placed different guidelines and measures in place to try and prevent to the best of their abilities the propagation of the coronavirus while maintaining a balance between maintaining the passion for the sport burning and keeping the COVID-19 pandemic at bay and the curve as flat as possible. So far, all COVID-19 tests conducted on the Pakistan Super League have returned negative results, that is a good sign and hopefully signals to a speedy return to the matches.

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