T20 World Cup Betting

You probably already know and love the T20 World cup, or the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20 as it was formerly known,  but in case that you don’t or just enjoy reading about one of the most exciting world cups here are some details, also this should help you before you bet on the T20 World Cup:

The T20 world cup idea was born in 2002 as the International Cricket Council (ICC) needed to fill an extra day of the matches and it was agreed that a short few rounds of T20 matches would be played, the matches received a lot of positive feedback and as such the idea of a T20 world cup was conceived.

The first International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 World Cup took place not too long ago, it was in 2007 in South Africa, that time India took the cup home and a few wickets.

The T20 World Cup is celebrated every two years unless there is a Cricket World Cup taking place that same year, in those scenarios the tournament is moved a year before to avoid conflicts. The next cup should take place in 2021, this after a 5-year break since its last iteration that took place back in 2016.

The teams that attended the last world cup are India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Netherlands, Ireland, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and Oman. There are 12 countries as permanent members in the list of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and 92 associate members, proving that the passion for cricket burns internationally.

India's national team has a very long and rich history with cricket due to how heavily influenced it has been by England. Since the creation of the first Cricket club around 1792, the country has only grown stronger by the day and polishing and honing its skills reaching its current status as one of the main International teams in the cricket scene.

A couple of names born from India's passion for the sport: Sir Ranjitsinhji, one of the first Indian players to play for the English cricket team and widely regarded as one of the best batsmen of all time, and even having a tournament named in his honor. Another famous Indian player that has left its mark in the history of the sport and international teams is K. S. Duleepsinhji, who also managed to climb and reach the lines of England's cricket team and also has a cup named after him in his honor  - The Duleep Trophy. In more recent times we have Virat Kohli, a name you are probably familiar with as he is the captain of India's national team and is also regarded as one of the top batsmen in the world.

With such a strong heritage is no surprise the "Men in Blue" and Indian Premier League are associated with the highest cricket skill in the globe, they are a force to be reckoned and a match against them won't be an easy task to any team facing India's wrath. India will become the host nation for the 2021 world cup.

England as the nation that gave birth to such a majestic sport has the longest history with it, and it is constantly improving the game and techniques used. The English team has the most test matches registered at 1000 matches, also the earliest record of the English cricket team dates back to 1739.

That's almost 300 years of experience and passion playing cricket, and all that experience can be easily confirmed by just watching one of their matches, all these years have not passed in vain northe teams have sat idle all this time, constantly perfecting the game and playing better with each passing day.

The English team also has crickets legends of their own, as one would expect, names like William Clarke who was not only a great cricketer and a top player at the time but also created and commanded the All-England Eleven team. Wally Hammond is another name that usually comes to mind when talking about cricket legends and raw skill. Of course, the current captain of the national team should also be included in this list, Alastair Cook who has scored over 12,000 runs and that is more than any other player in the history England's cricket.

Will the founding nation come on top and take the cup home? Well, we will have to keep an eye on the matches and enjoy the twenty20 cricket world cup to find out! Only the best can leave the cricket ground with the cup in their hands.

Australia is another big and renowned name in the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20, and it is no surprise the Aussies have appeared seven times in the finals of the world cup. The very first time the Australian time appeared in a test match dates back to 1877, they managed to beat England on their first appearance and setting the Aussie team off to a fantastic start of their cricket career.

While younger than the Indian or English teams, the Australian team has managed to learn and vastly improve their game in 143 years since their first test match. Proof of this is that Australia has won the cricket world cup five times, and just to clarity they don't have this record on the T20 World cup but rather the regular Cricket cup, however, that doesn't make it any less impressive and if anything it serves as a testament of their skill.

A few notables’ names in the Australian cricket history are Clem Hill and Monty Noble, both were part of the commonly known as the golden age of the Australian test cricket where they won 8 out of 10 tours played. In more recent times we have stars like Ricky Ponting who is considered the most successful captain in international cricket winning 220 games out of 324, and Adam Gilchrist who is also known as the best Wicket-keeper-batsman. These are just a few names that left a deep mark in the history of Australian and international cricket and carved a notable position for the Aussie team in the highest ranks of the game.

Pakistan's national team or "The men in green" as they are also known as, is a notable mention as well and they received their test status not too long ago in 1952 but have been showing steady progress in both the international stage and their local league.

The rivalry with the Indian cricket team is usually a strong motivator for the players to give their absolute best in the cricket ground when both national teams collide, and you would usually have stadiums packed of fans of both countries roaring at the top of their lungs.

While the Pakistani team participation has not been stellar in the last few T20 world cups, it doesn't mean it should be ruled out as a weak adversary but instead, it should be regarded as a latent threat that could wake up during the match and roll its enemy.

Misbah-ul-Haq is a name that probably many know if they are familiar with Pakistani cricket, regarded as one of the best tacticians of his country he led the national team to a series of victories before retiring from international cricket matches.

New Zealand national team became International Cricket Council (ICC) associated in 1926 and acquired its test status in 1930. A little fun fact about this team is that the nick they received, the Black Caps, came from a competition organized by its sponsor Clear Communications to pick a new nickname for the team.

While New Zealand's road was a bit difficult for a while, including a period of time of around 20 years bin which they couldn't secure a win on a test match, the team has managed to improve considerably in recent years. They won the International Cricket Council (ICC) knockout trophy making that their first victory in an International Cricket Council (ICC) tourney, they have also managed to reach the semifinals on five occasions during the International Cricket Council (ICC) world cup and twice on the T20 world cup.

No country should take New Zealand lightly as that could prove a fatal error and cost them a game, we are super eager to see how this team performs during the upcoming cup and we are certain the Black Caps will play fantastic games full of high skills plays.

The Netherlands is not a country one would usually associate with cricket simply because the sport is not as popular there as it once was, but they have a very long history with the game dating back to 1860.

The Netherlands national team acquired its International Cricket Council (ICC) associated status in 1966, and it has shown on repeated occasions that all the experience obtained all those years since the 18th century has not been lost or in vain. The Netherlands has qualified four times to the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup and three times to the T20 Cup, showing that while their status was granted not long ago this team has the skill and passion required to surprise everyone on a world cup.

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