Star Cricket Club

The Star Cricket Club was founded by a group of like-minded people who felt that more Asians, living in Luxembourg, should be involved in Cricket in Luxembourg. Most of the members come from the Asian sub-continent and the club is open to anybody looking to play under a competitive outfit.

The Star C.C. continues its philosophy that first and foremost cricket should be fun. Although each player comes with a strong will to win and play to a good standard, humour and banter on the pitch are positively encouraged.


  • Sati Raju (Chairman) - Tel: 621309148
  • Vivek Pathak (Captain) - Tel: 621274183
  • Gautam Gianchandani (Secretary)
  • Niraj Trivedi (Match-Manager) - Tel: 691367211
  • E-mail to club: [email protected]